WIN WEDNESDAY December 9, 2015

GIFT GIVEAWAY: 2016 Calendar from Congo Women’s Training Centre

We Move Forward is pleased to be giving away a very special 2016 Calendar – a gift from WMF 2015 speaker, Cathy Cleary & artist Heather Haynes.  Merely two years ago Cathy & Heather visited and listened to the stories of a group of women living in a conflict zone in a country in Africa. They were inspired to start a women’s training centre after hearing stories of violence, loss, grief and despair. Yet the Congolese women had it in them to look out for each other and to try their best to care for themselves and their children.  The Training Centre was the idea of the people they met, people who were not looking for hand-outs but who were hoping for a hand-up – the women needed something they could hold on to, something that gave them hope moving forward. The Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre rose from a spark in the ashes of lives torn apart.

Today’s ‘We Move Forward’ winner will receive a calendar that depicts this journey of women moving forward together.

Enter your name and email here to win – no strings attached, just some feel good vibes.

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If you would like to order calendars, have any questions, or would like to discuss the project further, please do not hesitate to contact Cathy Cleary.  Here is her contact information

Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre Founding Member
354 Elmwood St., Kingston, ON K7M 2Z1
Phone: 613-876-0330
Order Calandars online:!sale/cy1l

Come & be among like-minded and good-spirited women, who together experience insight, inspiration, and fun.  In its 5th year, WMF is creating waves of positive change, personally, professionally, individually and collectively.