You Give When You Go to We Move Forward

You Give When You Go to We Move Forward

Red taxi cabs. There was a time when the streets of Isla Mujeres consisted mainly of red taxis and motor scooters. With the increased popularity of Isla came more people and vehicles, but taxis remain a central part of the transportation system. Catching a ride involves hailing a taxi from the side of the road, or if you know the phone number of the driver, giving him or her a call, or sending a text. I usually leave it to chance and hail taxis while on Isla, but looking back I am grateful that I accepted my friend, Maria Luisa’s offer to arrange a taxi for me, when it was time for me to leave Isla on a blistering hot day this past August. I was on the island planning for We Move Forward and my trip was sadly coming to an end. Andrea, the taxi driver was to pick me up at 9:10 a.m. in order for me to catch the 9:30 ferry to Cancun.

At 9:10 sharp, I was pleased to hear the honking of a car horn. I looked out the window of Casa Zuzy, where I hang my sombrero when on Isla, and saw red taxi #65 idling out front with Maria Louisa sitting in passenger seat. Andrea greeted me with “Mucho gusto,” meaning “nice to meet you” in Spanish. A friendly and outgoing, woman, Andrea insisted I call her “Andy.” I asked her how she had come to be a taxi driver, and she shared that she loves to drive, and that she had been doing just that for the past 15 years – this is how she is able to support her and her 13-year-old daughter. Andy spoke impeccable English with me and I practiced my so-so Spanish with her.

I was immediately drawn to Andy’s engaging personality and the obvious pride she takes in her work and spotless car. With intention, I asked her if she had a business hope or dream she wished she could fulfill. Andy said that what she wished for was to have magnets made up advertising her taxi service – “that is my dream, and it will happen someday,” she said.

It is a rare opportunity to have the resources to make someone’s dream come true, but that is what this year’s WMF registrants have done. Through registration fees to date, We Move Forward purchased Andy 500 magnets, shaped like red taxi cabs. Here’s a photo of Andy receiving them on December 19, just in time for Christmas.

Giving back is a core tenet of We Move Forward, and we’re pleased to share that a portion of each registration is donated yearly to assist people to move forward in a variety of ways. Earlier this fall, WMF 2018 registrants also donated toward the cost of cancer treatments for a young local woman on Isla. In previous years, wheelchairs and walking aids were purchased for Islenos in need of mobility aids. Funds have also been donated to the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund, and Isla Animals.

The act of ‘moving forward’ takes resources – time, energy, and let’s be honest, often a bit of money too. We are pleased to share with WMF 2018 registrants that through participating in this 3-day life enhancing experience, you are also contributing toward life enhancing experiences for people from Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

So just know, that you truly give when you go to We Move Forward in 2018.

Saludos to all of you this holiday season.

From Andy and Team We Move Forward

Get in on the Giveaway!

She is the author and WMF speaker who keeps on giving. Dr. Sheila Flaherty is generously gifting another signed copy of her award-winning novel ‘East of Mecca’ to a lucky contest entrant.

The moving and unforgettable novel, East of Mecca, tells a timely, harrowing, and heartbreaking story of love and betrayal, the transcendent power of sisterhood, and the ultimate price of oppression. Told with riveting authenticity and exquisite detail, East of Mecca explores gender apartheid through the abuse of absolute power with an elegant balance of cultural nuance and moral inquiry. Long after you have turned the last page, you will be haunted by the vivid characters and powerful scenes illuminating this tour de force.

At WMF 2018, Dr. Sheila Flaherty, will take the floor to talk about her experience living in Saudi Arabia, and share her insights into what it is like to be a woman living in a country governed by sharia law.

Don’t miss out on this give-away – enter your name & email address now (or no later than today, Thursday, December 21, by 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time), and your name will be entered into the draw! The winner will be announced on Friday December 22, and she will receive her prize soon afterward!


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