What women are saying…

About their We Move Forward Experience

“We Move Forward is good for the soul. It brings out the best in women, young and old, and rejuvenates the human spirit.” Kristi Blakeway, Maple Ridge, BC

“A fun, inspiring and relaxing experience of affection, connection, reflection, and redirection on both the personal and global scales.” Mary O’Brien Glatz

“My experience at WMF2016 was a definite LIFE highlight! Connecting with all of the inspiring and incredible women was a gift, and I left feeling renewed, transformed and very, very lucky. I highly recommend WeMoveForward for ALL women from any country to come together and find shared empowerment, enlightenment and connection.” Bif Naked, Vancouver, BC

“We Move Foreward was a refreshing and fulfilling experience. I would definitely recommend this conference to others.” Shakra, Mississauga, Ontario

“We Move Forward was a perfect landing place to listen, learn, laugh & share with incredible diverse and energetic women. An unforgettable experience.” Corrine Martichenko, Summerville, South Carolina

“WMF is remarkable! I’ve attended all five and hope to be there for the 6th!” Brigit Kubiak, California

“I went to WMF without expectations. Listening to so many inspiring stories, meeting so many smart, interesting and beautiful women was one of the best experiences I could have hoped for and received. I rediscovered parts of myself. I found myself relating to other women who’ve lived very different lives, and was reminded of how much we have in common as people. It was amazing. I came away happy, rejuvenated, and more content with myself.” Debra Simpson, Kemptville, Ontario

“Loved it! Between the speakers, the cool people I met at the conference, the meditations and the Mayan blessing and the spirit of the island itself, it was the best thing for me! It truly was my “Great Escape!!!” Anne Labbe, Masoula, Montana

“I had the time of my life! WMF far exceeded all my expectations. It was truly a transformative experience.” Sheila Flaherty, Evanston, Illinois

“An opportunity of a lifetime…so grateful my work team could share this experience together! The location is breath taking and the energy, from so many amazing women, is truly moving.” Hollie Henderson, British Columbia, Canada

“WMF is a place where women feel empowered, connected and inspired. It was a content rich, unique and very well rounded experience.  I will definitely be back!”  Alexandra Suarez, Puerto Rico

“It was great to take part in a truly inspirational and empowering gathering of special women who were open to new friends and experiences, and who welcomed all into this wonderful community of women”. Mary Ann Simpson, Ontario, Canada.

“This is my third WMF, and each year my spirit is lifted, and I return home with a sense of calm and happiness. Isla Mujeres is the perfect place for We Move Forward.” Sandy Hamel, Connecticut, USA

“I have attended this conference every year, and each time I have learned more about myself and my role in life. All have been extremely empowering and fun.” Brigit Kubiak, California, USA

“We Move Forward is a terrific opportunity to expand your mind, stretch your body and rejuvenate your soul amongst inspired women in a vibrant tropical location. What else could you ask for?” Jennifer O’Leary, Ontario, Canada

“I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie of the women, and the overall unpretentious-ness of the attendees. Newbies such as myself felt very welcome.”  Name withheld

“The whole WMF conference was beyond my expectations!!! The program was so professional & so well organized with attention paid to the smallest detail to enhance our experience!!!! The speakers were motivating & inspirational, & the camaraderie & emotional connection between the attendees was felt by everyone.  It is an experience that I will NEVER forget. ” Barb Nolan, Canada

“This is a MUST attend event on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Go! You’re worth it!” Janet Rouss, Canada

“This was my second WMF, and once again it was inspiring and my honor to connect with the wonderful women and speakers who attended. The location is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I was re-energized by the experience.” Danyelle Taylor, Los Angeles, USA

“This conference moved my soul.” Carolyn Johnson, Wisconsin, USA

“Loved it! Met a lot of fabulous women and had a great time. WMF really exceeded my expectations!” Name withheld

“We Move Forward provided a wonderful combination of personal development, international awareness, inspiration and fun!” Jane Hawtin, Toronto, Canada

“We laughed, we were challenged to push back against the status quo, encouraged to embrace our uniqueness while enjoying our universal connectivity as women. This was my second WMF and I’ll be back. Beth Wahlfart, Nova Scotia, Canada

“I knew it would be a wonderful experience but I was completely unprepared for my life to be so profoundly altered by this 3 day experience – Thank You!” Jennifer Keilty, Ontario, Canada

“I loved every moment of We Move Forward – the quality and diversity of the speakers was outstanding – the safe container you provided allowing all of us to share with open hearts – the laughter – the tears – the sharing, authenticity, and intimacy – the sacred Mayan ceremony, – the generosity of meals and drinks provided – the last night dance party – Morning yoga and meditations – the paradisiacal setting. I am so happy that I gave myself this nurturing and empowering experience. Thank you again, Janeen to you and your team.” Junie Swadron, Victoria, Canada

“A fun, safe, supportive environment even if you don’t know anyone connected with the conference or the island. Don’t let this stop you as you’ll have new friends as soon as you hear the first “hello” at the welcome gathering. I’d recommend this adventure for any woman who wants to recharge professionally or personally!” Amy, Denver, USA

“This retreat was incredibly inspiring and uplifting. It was such a wonderful experience that I want to repeat it. The laughter and tears are very good for the soul. And, it couldn’t have happened in a better location.” Lisa Peck Dartmouth Nova Scotia

“The location was perfect. Isla Mujeres is magical.” Sandy Hamel, Connecticut, USA