We Move Forward Newsletter – 11/13/2013

Wellness and Travel

How many times have you been travelling, looked around, breathed deeply and thought, “Ah, this is the life!”  That feeling of living life to its fullest is wellness at its best.  The concept of linking travel and wellness into a holiday or retreat has never been easier, through events and experiences like We Move Forward.  We’ve included some articles and offers in this month to encourage you to use travel as a way of feeling alive and well.

Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends for 2014  

We can never get enough of “Top 10” Lists!  This one, from Wellness Tourism Worldwide  stands out.  It’s based on research conducted throughout the year, resulting in some real trends that are in play.  Whether you are an interested individual, or a business person interested in wellness tourism, this list is worth looking at.

Looking through the list, I couldn’t help but notice how We Move Forward ticks a lot of the boxes, namely:

The ease of which the Cancun airport can now be reached and navigated – and how easy it is to get the shuttle to Isla Mujeres from the front step.

The chance to reconnect through nature – With turquoise water on all sides (it is an island!),  sandy beaches, snorkeling, diving, beach yoga… there’s no option on Isla but to connect with the surrounding.  WMF encourages this even further by offering sessions outside, on the beach and in the local area.  You’ll quickly understand why people say this island is magical.

Going back to the point of Isla being ‘magical’, the Mayans regard Isla Mujeres as a sacred place, perfect for spiritual seekers.  We Move Forward includes a session with a Mayan elder (who, by the way, is younger than MANY of us) who gives us insight into the spiritual nature of Isla.

World class instructors and speakers –We Move Forward is regularly contacted by people who have world-class skills and experiences that they can bring to the program.  The time spent on creating a perfect mix of speakers, movement ‘practitioners’ and leaders creates an unrivaled experience.  We’ve learned that ‘world class’ doesn’t have to mean “Ted Talk” presenter  – there are amazing, inspiring, incredible women in every corner of the world, and this is a great opportunity to showcase their talents.

Interested in reading more? http://www.wellnesstourismworldwide.com/


 Special Offer – Travel to Wellness

Anne Dimon is the driving force behind Travel to Wellness, a resource that challenges you to “find your sense of wellbeing and kick-start a wellness lifestyle.”  A surefire way of doing this is through a break from the everyday, regardless of whether the break is a daytrip to a local getaway, or to an exciting event like We Move Forward.  Access to wellness travel opportunities is shortly going to be even easier to access – Travel to Wellness is launching a new digital/print newsletter this month.  Sign up at http://www.traveltowellness.com  This fantastic group is a return sponsor of We Move Forward.

A Nomination for an Exceptional Woman

Jen Friesen, a lifetime traveller and habitual attendee of WMF, recently nominated Janeen Halliwell, founder of We Move Forward, for an Exceptional Woman award.  In her nomination, Jen highlighted the sweat and tears that goes into creating and sustaining an event like this, the result of which is an experience that needs to be –  well – experienced!   We pulled a paragraph out of the nomination, because we think it sums up the beauty of this event:

“WMF invites women to step out of the everyday, to be less distracted and focus for a few days. It encourages women to move, explore and consider a new way of thinking and doing.  It exposes women to other women they may never have otherwise met, within a cultural context they may never otherwise experience.  We Move Forward challenges women to look at themselves and remember what would make them proud and feel whole – and to congratulate themselves on who they are.”

Bringing Wellness Home:  Introducing Speaker Helen Valleau

You’ve gone away, you feel great, and then… you are home, with all the pressures, commitments and stress still in play.  There are ways to transport wellness into your daily life, and Helen Valleau is going to be at WMF to guide us through it.  With her background of teaching at some of North America’s most renowned spiritual learning centres, we feel fortunate to have recruited Helen for our 10 minute “Mindful Meditation” each morning.  This meditation is based on her popular program, “It only takes 10 Minutes a Day to Change Your Life”, used by people around the globe to start their day motivated.    Helen is able to extend that feeling of wellness that we get from travel, back to everyday life. We asked Helen to tell us a bit about herself, and answer 8 burning questions.

I grew up in – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

One of my most important female role models growing up was my Mother. She inspired me to live consciously, embrace life and live it to the fullest and taught me that I could achieve anything if I put my mind to it.

If I could choose any actress to play me in my life story it would be Katherine Hepburn.  She exuded strength and spunk.

One of the more difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make was asking my husband to leave the house until he confronted and owned his alcoholism. I experienced a letting go, a surrender, an acceptance of ‘what is’ in a deeper way than I ever had before.

At this stage in my life, I’m most grateful for my family, my community and my desire to learn, love and enjoy life no matter what.

What I’m looking forward to most at We Move Forward is meeting all the wonderful women who are participating.

My favorite quote is: “Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask ourselves this crucial question: Does this path have a heart?” If it does, then the path is good. If it doesn’t it is of no use.” – Carlos Castaneda

One other tidbit about me: I am in awe of and love horses. I love everything about them including the way they smell!

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Twitter: visionqueen

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