WMF Newsletter – November 20, 2014


Delivering on its promise:
Mind ~ Body ~ Emotion ~ Spirit

It’s just before noon on Day 1 of We Move Forward. “What an amazing start to this three day retreat – the speakers gave me some great food for thought, and with the small group introductions and discussions, I’m feeling right at home,” you think to yourself. “But am I up for this?” you question. Kim Kraushar, the woman leading the Mindful Movement Team, now holds the microphone in her hand and has begun telling participants about the movement classes being offered. “She seems very pleasant and non-judgemental for a beautiful fitness instructor,” you think quietly to yourself. She asks Bonnie Hamilton and Sabina Tamm to join her. You learn that all three women will be offering seaside movement classes before breakfast on Days 2 and 3 of WMF – Kim will facilitate pilates, Bonnie yoga, and Sabina meditation. “The choice is yours” pipes up Kim, “or maybe you prefer a seaside walk or to sleep-in,” she says with a smile. “No pressure” says your inner voice, and you breathe a little easier.

A woman sitting next to you named, Brigit, leans over and whispers to you that she’s been to WMF three times now and has attended all 3 of the movement sessions. “I can’t really say I have a favourite – they’re all very good – I decide which one I am going to on the morning of, and my decision is based on what I did or didn’t consume the night before,” she says with a chuckle. Then she elbows you in the ribs ever so lightly, and points to a massage station at the back of the room. “Be sure to get a ‘Mary Ann Massage’ while you’re here. It’s part of the conference” she says. As Brigit tells you all this, you take a conscious look around the room, and are amazed at how this conference is delivering on all of its promises – it’s situated in paradise, its program feeds the brain, the body, and the spirit, and the atmosphere is fun and social. You lean back in your chair with a smile on your face, and continue to take it all in.

Movement Team Spotlight

We Move Forward is thrilled to once again have Kim Kraushar leading the Mindful Movement Team. A multi-certified world-class fitness practitioner and co-owner of Interlude Spas, Kim and her team will have you vitalizing your body during morning classes and mini body breaks throughout the 3 days!

Click here to learn more about the WMF Mindful Movement Team

Giving Thanks

It’s an important time of year – Thanksgiving. Canadians gave thanks in October and Americans will give thanks November 27. And, did you know that We Move Forward gives thanks every March? That’s right – over the past four years, WMF has intentionally given back to the local community of Isla Mujeres by sponsoring local women to attend the conference, purchasing mobility aids (walkers, wheelchairs, canes and crutches) to literally assist citizens of Isla Mujeres to move forward, and commissioning the Women’s Beading Co-op to make conference lanyards.

Last year and again in 2015, WMF will be donating a portion of every registration to the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund. The fund provides financial assistance to promising, dedicated students from Isla Mujeres to further their education – this opportunity ultimately benefits the students and their families, and in turn the whole community. Just think, when you register for We Move Forward you’re investing in yourself, to live your best life, and you’re contributing toward a promising young Mexican student to do the same!

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Thanksgiving Give-Away – November 27, 2014

‘Never Too Late: Your Roadmap to Reinvention” by author and WMF 2014 keynote speaker, Claire Cook!

In the true spirit of “giving thanks,” We Move Forward is thrilled to be giving away a signed copy of Claire Cook’s book, ‘Never Too Late: Your Roadmap to Reinvention’! A Number 1 Best-seller in the Women’s Personal Growth genre – ‘Never Too Late’ brings the reader along with Claire to We Move Forward 2014 where she inspired participants and brought them to their feet, ready to move forward. This book contains real life stories that the reader can relate to, and insightful lessons and advice that the reader can realistically implement in her own life.

Be sure to stay tuned and enter to win ‘Never Too Late: Your Roadmap to Reinvention” on American Thanks-giving, November 27, 2014!

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