It’s in the Numbers


The countdown is on. 50 days until you are on your way to Isla Mujeres, the magical Island of Women, off the coast of Cancun. If you’ve been thinking about registering for We Move Forward 2014 and haven’t done so – there’s no time to spare.

Here are some other numbers to think about:

77f / 25c – The average daily temperature in Cancun in March.

10 – The average number of hours of sunshine on any given day

8 – of March, International Women’s Day around the world.  Where better to celebrate than The Island of Women, surrounded by bright, engaged, motivated women.

6, 7, 8, 9 – The dates in March to let your boss / family / friends know that you aren’t available because you are doing something life-changing – attend We Move Forward

23 – Youngest participant at WMF

78 – Most “experienced” participant at WMF

35 – Percent of women who come on their own to WMF

3 – The number of steps involved in registering :

  1. Click “Register Now’
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Hit Send.

As they say in Mexico, Andale!

Register Now!

And some more numbers…

9 – Speakers Featured at WMF 2014

Each year, WMF has speakers from around the world reach out, who are interested in taking part.  Some are veteran presenters and well-known people, others are hoping to try out the stage for the first time.  Their stories are diverse, compelling and inspiring.  So how is the mix of speakers chosen?

“I usually suggest that interested presenters attend WMF first, so that they’ve had that first-hand experience of the event.  In doing so, they quickly understand that they are part of the fabric of things, not just a speaking head at the podium,” says Janeen Halliwell, founder and Director.

Participants from previous years often comment on the accessibility of the speakers as a highlight of the event – having the chance to share a drink and a meal, take part in circle alongside the speakers – the connection to one another grows and friendships are formed.

Have a look at this year’s line-up.  Now imagine yourself having the opportunity to get to visit, laugh and maybe shed a tear or two with these women over a 3 day period – that’s what happens at WMF.

10– Minutes Needed to Set a Daily Intention

Two weeks into the New Year and you may already find your grip loosening on some of those great resolutions you set.  No doubt about it – those big goals can be pretty daunting.  But what if you just had to focus on what you needed to do today –just one day at a time?  Then you can celebrate taking a step closer each and every day.

WMF 2014 will open with a short “Daily Intention” session provided by author, speaker & coach, Helen Valleau.  It’s an opportunity to clear your mind, give yourself a fresh page, and a chance to decide what it is that you want to get out of the day – a great practice you can take home with you.

1 – “Once a year go somewhere you’ve never been before.” Dalai Lama

There are many 1st Timers joining us at WMF 2014 – if you haven’t been to “Isla” before, we hope you will be among them.  If you are returning – we welcome you with open arms.

And the last number you need to know:

16 – The number of days left to take advantage of the WMF Winter White Sale.

Pay only $495 when you register by January 31, 2014.

Don’t Miss Out – Register Now

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