OMG Announcements!


OMG – We’re just 100 DAYS AWAY from We Move Forward 2016!
And, have we got some cool news for you:

Breakfast with Bif

This is a cool opportunity in a hot place – 3 lucky participants will have their names pulled from the sunhat on Day 1 of We Move Forward, and will enjoy ‘Breakfast with Bif Naked’ on Day 2!  At WMF, all participants enjoy daily tropical breakfasts at the MIA Reef Resort, but on day two there will be a special table reserved for Bif and her special breakfast guests.  They’ll have a chance to chit and chat with this rock star phenomenon who has a heart the size of the Caribbean Ocean, and fascinating stories of strength and courage that stretch out as long as the white sandy beaches of Isla Mujeres.  Your name automatically goes in the sunhat when you register for WMF 2016.  Register by Dec 31, 2015 and get in on the early-bird savings of $100!


Attention All Writers & Inspiring Writers:

You will want to jump at the chance to meet and learn from ‘Literary Change Agent,’ April Eberhardt.  April will be offering a workshop to writers and aspiring writers who will come away with a clearer sense of what her own special story is, along with ideas for getting it out in the world in a way that will reach her rightful readers most effectively. After 25 years as a corporate strategist and consultant, April joined the literary world, where she saw strategic opportunity to play a role in the changing world of publishing. April advises and assists authors worldwide as they choose the best pathway to publication for their work, be it indie or traditional, digital or print.  Join April during her afternoon breakout session on Day 3 of WMF 2016!  Space is limited at WMF & seats are filling up, so save your space today!


Research shows that there is nothing like a little anticipation to get your heart-rate up (in a good way) and to boost your metabolism (always a good thing) than planning for something fun and exciting to do in the near future.  We Move Forward is just that ‘exciting thing to do.’  Fast-forward your life to March 2016 – you are in sunny, tropical Isla Mujeres meeting new woman of all walks of life who are there to Live Their Best Life!  You’re mingling with new friends, and among them are the speakers – a rock star, some authors, a psychologist, cancer survivors, a comedian, and some yogis too.  And  here’s the rub – all of them view themselves the same as you and all the other participants, because they are – they are ordinary women who are capable of living extraordinary lives.  Be among them this Spring because you belong among them this lifetime.  Join us March 3-6, 2016.  You are on the invitation list.

November is NOW for Snatching up Seat Sales to Cancun

November is the Now or Never cut-off time to snatch-up lower priced airfare, and to nail-down where you will slip off your sandals during We Move Forward:

Here’s the Skinny on The Ways to Save $$$:

  • Register for We Move Forward before December 31, 2015 and you will save $100 by taking advantage of the 2015 early-bird rate of $495 USD.
  • Spread the early-bird fee out by saving your seat now with $100 USD down, and pay the remainder of the ‘early-bird’ rate before December 31, 2015.
  • The cost of the conference goes up to $595 USD as of January 2016 – take off $100 now and you save $$$ later.
  • Book your flight to Cancun now & you are sure to save 100s later – the cost of flights go up, up and up the further into fall and winter we go.
  • Seal your accommodation now, and rest comfortably later – you will have more choices available to you now, and can be rest assured that you have found the right place at the right price.  March is high season – don’t snooze and lose.
  • Click here for Travel to WMF Information: