It’s the last week of November, and the air has changed.  The days are getting shorter and the cold is settling in.  To get you dreaming, here’s a list of ‘sunny day’ activities.  Pull it out as you are pulling on your boots, and think about joining us March 7-9, 2013 on Isla Mujeres, for We Move Forward.

10 Things to Do on Sunny & Warm ‘Isla’ in the WINTER

Avalon Reef Isla Mujeres
Quintana Roo, Mexico.

1.  Soak in the Sun – because you can!

2.  Stroll on the beach, marvel at the color of the turquoise Caribbean Sea and search for washed up conch shells, sea glass and other treasures.

3.  Snorkel around the reefs and wading pools – you’ll be amazed by the rainbow fish, purple starfish …

4.  Browse in the little shops in centro, and buy yourself a ‘little something’ – you’re worth it.

5.  Sip mojitos, margaritas, or sangria… & snack on fresh tropical fruit, salsa, guacamole, shrimp cocktail….

6.  Take a spin around the island on a golf-cart – it’s a great way to get around on Isla

7.  Stop by Mundaca Park & learn about the Pirate Mundaca and his love, “La Triguena”

8.  Spend time at the Turtle Farm – Isla Mujeres is the ancestral hatching ground for giant sea turtles and the farm provides protection for the eggs.

9.  Tour Isla’s Punta Sur, aka South Point, and the Mayan Temple for the Goddess Ix Chel. The Goddess of Women, Healing and Abundance sits perched above the pounding waves of the Caribbean Sea.  It is here that Mayan women had come on yearly pilgrimages to seek her help.  And, it is here that We Move Forward participants will gather on International Women’s Day for a traditional Mayan Blessing.

10.  Raise a toast to yourself, for having had the foresight to plan an escape to Isla Mujeres.

In all fairness, we have to add a #11:

11.  Take part in We Move Forward, one of the highlights of being on Isla in March.  When you hold an event like WMF in a place like Isla Mujeres, you get the best of all worlds – a life changing experience wrapped up in a warm, relaxing vacation.  Rest assured – we know you want time to see and do all of the wonderful things this island – and you will have time to do it all.

Making Your Travel Planning Easy – Getting to Isla Mujeres is easy, and We Move Forward has made it even easier for you this year by partnering with Isla Beckons and Rhino Transportation. Take advantage of their WMF one-to-one customer care.  Before you know it, you’ll be sinking your toes in the white sand.  Visit the WMF Location Page and begin planning your trip today.

Give Back & Move Forward

This week, many of our American friends will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  The value of ‘Giving Back’ is at the heart of We Move Forward.  Each year, a portion of every registration goes toward a local charity(s) on Isla Mujeres.  In 2014, the charity is The Ron Brown Scholarship Fund, a fund that provides financial assistance to promising, dedicated students from Isla Mujeres to further their education and experience a promising future.

Through their involvement in WMF, registrants have sponsored 21 women to attend the conference to date, and have purchased mobility aids for local Islenos, to literally assist them with moving forward.  To find out more about how your participation in We Move Forward helps others to move forward visit:  A warm Happy Thanksgiving to all.

WMF Speaker Profile – Alison Sawyer Current

Visitors to Isla Mujeres often comment on how clean and safe it is.  One of the reasons for this is that huge efforts have been taken to find loving homes for all stray dogs on Isla.  This is in large part due to Alison Sawyer Current and her husband, Jeff Current.  With endless help from both Rudy and Marcelino and a raft of volunteers, Alison has opened her home to literally hundreds of homeless pups here on Isla. After fostering up to 40 dogs at a time, Alison created the Dog Gone Foundation, an adoption program that has placed hundreds of beautiful pups in loving homes.

Because Alison is a quiet little thing (not really – her exuberance and excitement is catching), we thought that we would tell you all the things that she wouldn’t tell you about herself.  In 2005, Alison won the “Doris Day Animal Kindred Spirit Award,” for her work with Mexican dogs.  In the last seven years she’s joined forces with Candiinternational, on “Operation Cancun,” an ongoing mission to spay and neuter enough animals in Cancun to make the city a model for other vacation destinations.  And, as most people on Isla also have a second or a third ‘day job’, she is also a renowned potter and author who recently completed her second novel about her animal rescue work. Her first novel, Nor Urn for the Ashes was published in 2008.

For the past two years Alison has been a speaker at We Move Forward, and Jeff has been our technical sound man.  With her incredible ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots, her stories of Isla dogs now living in all parts of the world, and her uncanny ability to remember the name of every dog she has ever come in contact with, Alison is a highlight on the program.

This year, Alison is taking us on a field trip to visit her home, where we will see her love of animals first-hand.

We have to warn you – if you are a dog-lover, you are going to want to take one of these beautiful animals home with you… it has happened before!  The We Move Forward connection has resulted in dogs now living in different parts of Canada and the US.

Find out more about Alison and Isla Animals here:

The Fenix for Fabulous Food, Music and Drinks


Fenix Restaurant Lounge and Beach Club is a proud sponsor of We Move Forward again this year.  It is just across the bridge from the MIA Reef – the venue for WMF – and situated seaside. The Fenix has become a favorite WMF hangout – it just doesn’t get better than the Fenix’s palapa bar, beach beds, live music and great food.  WMF participants will be at Fenix enjoying the Happy Hour & Connection Session on Day 1 and Day 2 Scavenger Hunt evening Fiesta.