What’s in Store in 2-0-1-4

What’s in Store in 2-0-1-4
We Move Forward Quick Quiz

It’s true, we have the power to manifest our desired future when we are clear about what it is we want more of – this in itself takes care of what we want less.  In completing the WMF quick quiz you will come clear on the things you value most, right now, in this phase of your life.  And you will set forth your intentions, and begin to experience more of what’s in store for 2-0-1-4.

1. Coming Clear on Your 5 Core Values – Your core values are your internal reference point for what is important, useful and desirable to you right now.  While your core values tend to remain somewhat the same throughout your life, it’s likely they’ll move around in importance.  Your core values should guide your decisions and behaviour – when they do, you’ll feel good about your choices – when they don’t you’ll feel at odds, and have that gnawing feeling that something is not quite right.  Here is a list of values.  Add your own if they are not listed and write down your top 5.

Fun & Laughter
Loving Relationship(s)
Financial Prosperity
Fitness/Physical Activity

2. Now think about your core values in relation to the question: What brings me joy?  Jot down the 5 things that  bring you joy – what you want to experience more of…

3. Take a moment now to reflect on your values and what brings you joy.  Now state your intention for 2014, by articulating in writing: What’s in store for me in 2-0-1-4 is more…

As explorer, Freya Stark, stated “There can be no happiness if the things we value are different from the things we do”.  As 2014 approaches, embrace and set forth your intentions for the year to come.  When 2014 arrives and you begin to experience it, do your best to align your decisions, choices and actions with your intentions.  You will experience joy.

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Happy New Year from We Move Forward
We Look Forward to Seeing You in March 2014