WIN ‘East of Mecca’: Today’s WMF Give-Away

WIN a signed copy of “East of Mecca” – a timely, harrowing, and heartbreaking story of love and betrayal, the transcendent power of friendship, and the ultimate price of oppression. Written by author and psychologist, Sheila Flaherty, “East of Mecca is an important story that is written so well that you won’t be able to turn off your bedside lamp until you’ve turned the last page. Protagonist, Sara, is a woman that most of us can relate to and will feel kinship with as she faces the many challenges that come with being a woman in Saudi Arabia. Many important messages are relayed by author, Sheila Flaherty, and I am thrilled to share that she will be joining us at We Move Forward, on the Island of Women, in March 2015. I congratulate Sheila on a stellar novel and look forward to getting to know her over this 3.5 day International Women’s Day event”, says, Janeen Halliwell, Founder of We Move Forward.

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