WMF Newsletter – Dec. 4, 2014

TED asked: Why do people attend conferences
Find out How We Move Forward measures up?
By: Janeen Halliwell

I recently came across a TED conversation thread where participants were sharing their answers to the question ‘Why do people attend conferences?” As the Founder of We Move Forward, I was very interested to hear what people had to say, and most importantly, to see how WMF measures up against their answers. Here’s the ‘why’ and ‘what’ that “they” had to say:

TED participant: “…the conference provides a greater sense of community and …exchange of ideas.”

WMF participant reported: “We Move Forward was an experience like no other. Besides it being held on one of the most beautiful islands, it was a weekend full of self-discovery. I went not knowing a single person and left with many girlfriends. The participants and speakers were women of different ages and backgrounds, all with one thing in common – they were women that were there to build each other up and to celebrate the beauty and strength of being a woman. I highly recommend it.”  Miriam Laundry, Children’s author, Ontario, Canada

TED participant: “The conference experience – It’s a way of learning, and building and enhancing relationships…”

WMF participant reported: “This was my second WMF, and once again it was inspiring, and it was my honor to connect with the wonderful women and the speakers who also attend. The location is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I was re-energized by the experience.” Danyelle Taylor, Lawyer, Louisiana, USA.

TED participant: [conferences] break routine.”

WMF participant reported: “A fun, safe, supportive environment even if you don’t know anyone connected with the conference or the island. Don’t let this stop you as you’ll have new friends as soon as you hear the first “hello” at the welcome gathering. I’d recommend this adventure for any woman who wants to recharge professionally or personally!”  Improvisation Practitioner, Amy Angelilli, Colorado, USA

TED participant: “[conferences encourage] Learning, improving together, sharing with each other.”

WMF participant reported: “I loved every moment of We Move Forward and here are some of the things I loved: the quality and diversity of the speakers was outstanding – the safe container you provided allowing all of us to share with open hearts, – the laughter – the tears – the sharing, authenticity, and intimacy – the sacred Mayan ceremony – the generosity of meals and drinks you provided – the last night dance party – morning yoga and meditations – the paradisiacal setting. Junie Swadron, Counselor, BC, Canada

To sum it up, it seems We Move Forward measures up when it comes to addressing the reasons why people attend conferences: because the experience provides a sense of community; involves learning something new, sharing our experiences, and forming new relationships; and it offers a needed break from your usual routine. And that’s according to them, the women who attend. And that’s who matters most.

Something new this year: Daily Comedy Breaks

They literally laughed til’ it hurt. And then they cried out for more – of Lisa that is. Seattle singer and comedian, Lisa Koch, was such a smash hit last year that women were asking if she would come back before she even had the opportunity to leave. And, not only is she coming back, Lisa had the brilliant idea that she would do a little bit of a show on every day of We Move Forward 2015! So, not only is Lisa coming back, she is gracing the stage 3 times in 3 days! Warning: Bring tissues – she will bring you to tears.

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