WMF Newsletter – January 6, 2015


The driver’s seat – that is where you sit in this one lifetime. It is from this place that you decide whether to idle in neutral, slip into reverse, or move in a forward motion. And, it is this time of year, the beginning of the New Year, that all of us are much more intentional about the direction our lives will take.

Deciding in which direction to steer our lives best involves deliberation – taking time to ‘look back’ at your life’s story so far – where have you been, with whom, and why. Doing so invites questions such as, “What has brought me joy, and what has not? What do I wish to experience more of, less of, or try for the first-time?”

If you determine that you want to steer your life in a new direction that will involve shoulder-checking before changing lanes, to ensure that the time is right. If it is, you will need to send a signal to those around you that you are altering course. Or, you might consciously choose to stay in your current lane, because it is where you belong and will take you to your desired destination. Either way, you will be moving forward in a direction that serves you, and ultimately those around you.

This year at We Move Forward we will look in the rear-view mirror and share our stories from the past, and we will look ahead and explore the possibilities that await us – with the intention to drive at a safe speed, take in the scenery, and enjoy the ride. It is, after-all, a short ride this thing called a ‘lifetime’ and each of us deserves to live our best life.

I’m overjoyed that more women than ever before are making We Move Forward a destination in 2015. If you haven’t already, I hope you will too, because if there is one thing that I am certain of in 2015, it is that WMF will once again be a great source of fuel and energy for those of you who participate.

Wishing you all the best in 2015 – Prospero Ano Nuevo.
Janeen Halliwell, Founder, We Move Forward

Introducing 2 New WMF 2015 Speakers

I have good news! Recently, I received confirmation that WMF 2015 will add two more brilliant speakers to its current group of 12, and together we will facilitate what is going to be a ‘crazy amazing’ 3+ day conference and retreat.

I am pleased to introduce you to Alexandra Suarez and Nirit Ben David.

Alexandra is an engaging speaker who taps into both her analytic and creative brain to uncover insights and provide ‘ah-ha moments’ that will both challenge and enlighten you. Having traveled to over 40 countries, her talks are filled with intriguing anecdotes – her ability to connect the dots and generate powerful stories will both amuse and inspire you. A graduate of Cornell University and the ESADE University in Barcelona, Spain, Alexandra has lived in NY, Madrid, Barcelona, and Cape Town, and has been back to her native island, Puerto Rico, for 10 years. Her multicultural background will expose you to unconventional thinking that is sure to impact your life.  Alexandra will bring insight into the thoughts and influences that are at the heart of the saying “nació con una estrella” (a Spanish saying literally meaning “to be born with a star” but denoting that luck is always on our side).

Nirit Ben David is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and licensed acupuncturist. From Israel and now a resident of Isla Mujeres, Nirit will enlighten We Move Forward participants with a ‘Body Talk’ describing the concepts of yin & yang. Nirit will provide practical knowledge on ways to balance and harmonize both yin and yang, because when in balance, you will have the energy you need to work and be active all day, and you will sleep soundly and peacefully at night.

Whether this is your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th WMF, each conference is distinct in speakers, participants, and program, and all are life-enhancing. You are guaranteed to leave with much more than you arrived with – more friendships, more aw-yes moments, more clarity about what brings you joy, and many more wonderful memories.

My Oh MIA!


The We Move Forward conference venue, The MIA Reef Hotel, has gone through an “OMG Transformation” over the 4 years that WMF has been held there. From extensive renovations to the rooms, including new balconies on all, the new palapa restaurant and bar area, and pool, WMF participants are sure to go “WOW.” The quality of the meals took a big leap upward last year, and the hotel is promising that the food at WMF 2015 will be even better or “mejor”, as they say in Spanish!

Rooms are filling up at the MIA, so if you haven’t done so already, we highly suggest that you reserve your hotel room now, not later. We Move Forward participants receive special room rates and must reserve through the Manager, Jori Hernandez.

Email Jori Hernandez to make your MIA Reef Hotel reservations:

Looking for Other Accommodations?

Some We Move Forward participants choose to stay in other hotels, holiday homes or B & Bs while on Isla. There is accommodation to fit all budgets and preferences, but again, you will want to secure your accommodation VERY soon, as March is high season and everything is quickly filling-up.

We Move Forward has partnered with Isla Beckons, which specializes in finding the best holiday rentals for visitors to Isla Mujeres. The proprietor, Meaghan St. Louis, is happy to help WMF participants find suitable accommodation and is offering a WMF discount.

You can contact Meaghan directly via email:

East of Mecca – The January 14, 2015 WMF WIN Wednesday Give-Away

Author and psychologist, Sheila Flaherty’s debut novel “East of Mecca” is the January 14, 2015 WMF Give-away. East of Mecca is a timely, harrowing, and heartbreaking story of love and betrayal, the transcendent power of friendship, and the ultimate price of oppression. Learn more about Sheila and her novel here: www.sheilaflaherty.com

Stay tuned for the January 14, 2015 WIN Wednesday Give-away.

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